Agave Rose (Alcoholic Drink)


This drink goes well with my Vegetarian Quinoa Goat Cheese Tacos 🙂

1.5 parts Tequila (I like Camarena)

1.5 parts Citrus Fresca*

.25 parts Lime Juice

.25 parts Grenadine

Over Ice.

These are rough estimates, and you can get pretty heavy handed on the alcohol and these still taste great.

*Fresca can be subbed for any carbonated, non flavored or lightly flavored beverage (such as club soda, canada dry… etc). But my suggestion is to stick with Fresca! 


  • Pour Tequila, Fresca and Dash of Lime into Glass
  • Stir
  • Add Ice
  • Finish with grenadine.  It will sink to the bottom to give it this beautiful gradient.  No need to mix, the flavors will combine just fine as you sip.

Careful.. these are strong 😉

Drink creation by Kat + Brandon