Homemade Vegetable Broth (for a person who only cooks for 1)

Organic, Natural Vegetable broth is easily one of the pricier items I buy at the grocery store.  Cheaper brands are riddled with curious ingredients I avoid.  Take a look for yourself.  Compare the back of a cheaper canned variety to the back of an organic, boxed brand.

I researched a lot of vegetable broth recipes. They all basically said the same thing: It’s easy, just use what you have.  Others had a few more suggestions like types of vegetables that will increase the thickness or richness of the broth, as well as herbs or spices to boost flavor.

I cook in bulk, but I’m still only cooking for one.  So my recipes don’t yield a HIGH amount of scraps, and buying extra to yield more scraps defeats the purpose of this money saver… so thanks to a suggestion from a friend, this was my method:

In a container of your choice (I filled a 1lb freezer safe bag), store your veggie scraps in the freezer.  Wash them prior to freezing, and make them into manageable pieces, but do not chop them up small, this helps the straining process later.

I used everything from Onions, Garlic, Celery, Asparagus, Bok Choy, Bell Peppers, Sweet Potato, Jalapeno, etc. *My broth was a TINY bit spicy from my Jalapeno’s i believe.

Once my bag was filled tight, I threw it all into a large pot, covered the veggies with water, added a few spices like a bit of parsley and italian seasonings, covered it and boiled it for about an hour, or until the veggies start falling apart.

veggie broth 2

I took a large container that would later pour easily into ice cube trays… and put it in my sink, covered it with a colander, and carefully I slowly began pouring the broth into the container.  Once it was full, I poured that into up 2 ice cube trays. (This just makes it easier to do, you could pour it straight into the ice cube trays but that sounds pretty difficult and like it would likely waste)

I measured that about 3-4 ice cubes is a cup of broth (for my trays). Once full, I froze the trays, and kept the rest of the strained broth in containers in my fridge. I removed the cubes, and put them into a pound bag to store in the freezer, and repeated the process until all my broth was frozen into small ice cube portions.  I have no immediate recipes for broth.  However, if you do, the broth will last about 3 days in the fridge.

This may SOUND daunting but, for the most part it was extremely easy, now I have nearly 2 liters of homemade veggie broth, that i know I can trust and eat happily. I’m already collecting veggies for my next batch, I doubt I’ll run out of broth before I’m ready for a new one!

veggie broth