Dehydrated Zucchini Chips Update! (New Flavor + Tips)

My original recipe for the Zucchini Chips is here

This post is an update based on a few different test batches, as well as a new flavor combination.  So here are my findings:

  • Use a Mandolin. You really need these to be thin, and consistent.  If you don’t have one, godspeed, practice patience here.  Or be super skilled at cutting (i’m definitely not)
  • 135F is the ideal temp to dehydrate for about 10 – 12 hours (if you want to keep it strictly raw, you need the temp to be 115F, so you’ll need more time, and I recommend a thinner cut)
  • 1/8 inch cut takes longer, at least 12 hours for full dehydration, they weren’t quite as crispy as I would’ve liked.
  • 2 notches below 1/8 inch (on mandolin) is nice, very thin, very crispy, a little weak.
  • 1 notch below 1/8 inch seems to be the sweet spot.  Very thin, not too weak.  Crispy.

New Flavor: Spicy Cheesy Cumin

  1. Take your sliced Zucchini, drizzle it with olive oil, cumin, nutritional yeast and a dash of cayenne (man this stuff… is strong, beware!)  With hands, really mix and rub the zucchini with the oil/seasonings.  
  2. Use enough cumin and nutritional yeast to coat generously.
  3. Dehydrate according to specifications above.

This picture is my 1/8 inch cut, notice they’re a little thicker than my previous post.  I didn’t prefer this thickness, but it was still very tastey.

This has got to be my new favorite guilt free snack.