Fighting travel temptations…

I always find myself envious of everyone eating terrible snacks on planes and in the airport. The lines of kiosks with Chips beckon for me each time.  Not to mention attempting to fight the “screw it, I’m on vacation!” mentality…. so finally… I’m going prepared.

My Dehydrated Snacks for Travel! (from right to left)

2013-02-13 12.51.03

  1. Sweet Potato Chips – this batch was tossed in oil and dehydrated at 135 for 8 – 10 hours lightly drizzled. Normally I would’ve soaked these in apple cider vinegar for about 20 minutes first, but I ran out of apple cider vinegar.
  2. Two Different types of Zucchini Chips – Plain & Smoky Teriyaki
  3. Portobello “Jerky”

For instructions on the Smoky Teriyaki Marinade click here. It is the recipe for my Portobello “Jerky” but the marinade is there and very versatile.  You could use on a variety of different dehydrated snacks including Zucchini and Kale.