Food Poisoning: The end, or at least pause of an era.

Sorry for the lack of recipes/updates.  I’m laying in bed at the end of day 2 recovery from food poisoning.

I was visiting home, and I tend to go outside of my self set limitations in terms of my nutritional choices when I’m home.  My mom loves to spoil me and I have the will power of a 4 year old when it comes to food placed in front of me… So I’ve been stuffing myself.  I also tend to eat meat when I go home. My digestive tract took a noticeable toll, as it usually does when I visit home.

This time was different, waking up in the middle of the night poisoned out of control. Weak. Unable to Drink Water. Food was out of the question. My heart was racing. My body was on fire.  My body was in physical pain from hours of vomiting. I laid limp on the floor of my shower just to feel some relief from it all.

The last time I was sick like this was from Shellfish.  This time it was from raw Tuna (seared ahi).

I don’t know why I eat meat despite my body making it clear it isn’t making me feel good at all.  Even aside from poisoning, my digestion gets completely out of whack when I eat meat. I tend to get indigestion.  What am I doing?!

I’ve attempted eating solids when my appetite began to return, and that was easily a bad idea. So I’m sticking to veggie broth with ginger, garlic, cayenne, sage, lemon and apple cider vinegar.  It didn’t settle that great… but it’s better than nothing.  Liquids only until I allow my insides to mend.