Guest Post from my Friend Hollie, over 40lbs of weight loss! “The Healthy Plan”

This post was written by one of my best friends Hollie. I’ve watched her transform from someone who could barely stand the idea of a salad, to eating raw Kale.  It wasn’t easy, and I was definitely a hard ass when it came to talking about food, and still am to this day.  But she is absolute proof to the message I preach: There is NO trick, no gimmick, no easy way, no pill, no drink, no shake, no diet.  Only a lifestyle of healthy eating.  Hollie, I am so proud of you. You have a shining life full of health and happiness 🙂

Here’s her story:

When I think about my self image throughout my life, I can always remember being conscious of my overweight body, even as a child. I was the chubby kid who was teased. Back then, fewer kids were overweight, so I really stuck out. I started monitor my weight and diet closely in high school. Trying on clothes was always hell, and I never really liked how I looked. I yo-yoed between 215 and 180 for the next 6 years, graduating college at 180. As I settled into working life the free food, eating lunch out, and long hours got the best of me. I found myself back at 200 in March 2012.

5th Grade

I decided I needed to lose weight, and I tried a diet shake program. After only 1 week, something didn’t feel right. I knew in my heart that I needed to make a commitment to learn clean eating and healthy exercise habits. If I did not do this now, when I had minimal responsibilities, I knew I would never learn.

I started slow by eating salads as meals (I had never really had greens until 2011!), and cooking recipes that made extra for lunch leftovers. Because of how busy I was at work, I cooked all my food on Sundays and ate the leftovers throughout the week. Every single night I packaged up my food for the next day – snacks, lunch, and often dinner. I logged everything I ate on myfitnesspal, and I signed up for a half marathon so I had a fitness goal to work towards. After 5 months I started cooking vegetarian-only at home.

During the past year, I definitely faced challenges. My work schedule was the biggest obstacle. I was away from the house for 12-14 hours a day. Sometimes I really did not want to pack my food for the next day, or I was tempted to eat unhealthy food or snacks alongside my coworkers. Sometimes I gave into temptation, and I had my fair share of weight loss plateaus to work through. I learned consistency is key. Even after a bad meal, or day, or week I forced myself to get back into it no matter what!

Slowly, my tastes started to change. I could no longer stomach the frozen dinners that used to be my go-to food. I really enjoyed experiencing new flavors and healthy foods that I’d never had before (mostly via recipes from Lucky Rabbit Recipes!). I fell in love with running. The weight kept coming off!

Blog Post

One year later, I am 44lbs lighter and feeling so much better about myself! People have asked me what my final goal is. When I started, I would have said it was to lose 35lbs so I could get to the top healthy weight for my height. Now I have surpassed that and don’t have a number-based goal anymore. I see my new lifestyle as a journey that will never end, and I am most excited by the fact that I truly know this time my heart and soul are invested. The overweight chapter of my life has finally come to a close, and healthy chapter has begun!

“The healthy path is not the easy path, but it’s the most rewarding path.”