A post on being Gluten Free and not a Celiac.

This rant was inspired by this article.

It frustrated me, and although the writer is correct in many ways, they completely ignore the fact that there is a right way to be gluten free.  It also completely neglects the fact that gluten really isn’t healthy for us, so no I will not just “go ahead and eat gluten.”

While it isn’t the worst thing in the world (in my opinion, though I know some believe it pokes holes in our gut amongst other horrible affects), it is completely unnecessary. I only allow a few items in my life to eat purely for the enjoyment of eating them with little nutritional value.  For me, bread, and gluten based foods, is not on that list.

Being gluten free doesn’t have to be 242% more expensive as stated in the article, as you may know, my blog touts itself for being economical and frugal. If you opt to omit gluten for non medical reasons, it absolutely can be healthier, and even less expensive, if you do it right. Guess what! The price of vegetables don’t go up when you go gluten free, only processed unhealthy substitutes. So if you simply stop buying things like bread, you will be spending less money!

The common mistake is the idea that simply slapping a GF label on things makes it a healthy diet. If you omit Gluten for non medical reasons and you want to do it as a healthy lifestyle change, you can NOT just start buying substitues. Not even GF bread, like the article said, those types of things are not any healthier, so you might as well just eat bread. But if you stay away from Gluten and eat a whole food, non processed food diet, it is in fact much healthier for you.

Bread & gluten products give us nothing we can’t get from another, much healthier source. It is often found in items we over eat, or eat unnecessarily, such as baked sweets. And it is a shallow nearly worthless calorie. You won’t feel full, at least not for long, from gluten containing food. Gluten usually just acts as a filler, rather than a benefit to our life.

The most common question I get from friends would be “Why did you decide to go gluten free if you’re not celiac?”  My response is tricky because it has mutated and grown over the years. At first it was the fear of poking holes in the gut, decreased digestion of nutrients, bla bla bla… however, as I’ve grown into a much healthier eater alongside being gluten free, for me it now acts more importantly as a way to just avoid unnecessary indulging.  By a matter of default, omitting gluten limits my options, especially when I’m eating out.  So while I may be eyeing a delicious bowl of pasta at a restaurant… I wind up going for salad with avocado instead.  This option is still very delicious and satisfying, and it is also 100 times better than a large bowl of pasta.  So, in turn, my gluten free diet persuades me to make healthier choices overall.

And finally I don’t consider the way I eat to be a diet for even ONE second. Eating healthy, omitting gluten, eating vegetarian, these are all lifestyle choices, and you will never maintain this style of eating until you embrace that.

While I wouldn’t mind running through a field of it, I won’t be eating it anytime soon. Anything your body can’t naturally digest that comes straight from the earth should make you question it. Wheat needs to be heavily processed before we can even begin to consider eating and digesting it.