Vegan Sushi subbing in Quinoa for Rice



Inspired by this recipe! It worked amazingly well! In fact, this worked far better than I anticipated it would.  The Quinoa is no where near as sticky as normal sushi rice, so you will encounter a bit more falling apart as you try and consume, so don’t prepare it for a bunch of people you don’t know as finger food, but rather a few people that you can say “Hey, this is might fall apart, but its good!”

I’ll list the ingredients that I personally used, but feel free to fill with whatever you desire.  I would’ve liked cucumber and avocado, but oddly enough, the asian market I went to had neither -_- …. so I settled with what I could find.  I found Quinoa to be 100 times more filling than regular Rice based sushi. Usually I can pack away sushi until I explode.  But one roll really did the trick!  For this amount of Quinoa, I made 3 rolls.

Important Notes/Tips:

*Get a bamboo rolling mat if you’re going to make sushi, don’t try and half ass this part, I’ve made that mistake in the past, and it only results in messy, not rolled, clumps of ingredients.  There is a reason these things exist.  I’ve seen some people use a clean towel, but honestly for 2 bucks, this tool is worth it.

*Google “how to roll sushi” before you attempt to roll it up so you can really see the process, its too hard to describe in type and there are more than enough youtube “how-to’s” out there already. It isn’t as hard as it seems!

*You need a sharp knife to cut the sushi. If you don’t have this, consider hand rolls or only cutting once.

*Since Quinoa is inherently less sticky than Sushi Rice, it will be much harder to cut them into small sushi sized pieces.  I found it easiest to cut into 4 pieces (cutting once more than the picture shown), the sushi manages to stay together at this size.


  • 1 C Quinoa
  • Vinegar, you can use any kind here, I opted for Rice Vinegar.
  • Salt
  • Carrott
  • Takuan (Pickled & Spiced Daikon)
  • Mung Bean Sprouts
  • Roasted Nori Sheets


  1. Prepare your Quinoa as normal, I used a rice cooker for mine, so that I can leave it easily unattended. 
  2. While your Quinoa is cooking, prep your filling.  Cut ingredients into small fry type shapes to fill the Sushi.
  3. Take cooked Quinoa and place in a glass bowl (I dont really know how much this affects the outcome of the sticky-ness, but it seems to be what everyone else recommends, so I stuck with the pattern), let it cool off slightly, then mix in a dash of vinegar and salt, mix and mash the quinoa trying to get it to mimic sticky rice as best you can.
  4. Lay out your bamboo rolling mat place the Nori Shiny Side down on the mat.  Smash down a thin layer of Quinoa leaving about a 1/2 inch of space at the top of your sheet.
  5. Place the stuffing towards the middle of the Nori sheet, take water or a bit of vinegar on your finger and wet the exposed piece of nori at the top, this will help your roll stick together.
  6. Roll up your sushi, then carefully cut and enjoy!

For dipping

Use whatever type of dipping you enjoy! Personally I used a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar, Lime Juice and a little Tamari or Braggs i liked the vinegar & citrus along with the tangy Takuan filling.