“I Ate the Bones”…. are you KIDDING me KFC?

KFC is already on my shit list in general for being linked to cruelty to animals as well as extremely low quality meat.  I don’t eat meat.. but I respect other’s choice to do so… but if you’re going to eat meat, at least do yourself a favor and know where your meat comes from.

I already know KFC contains extremely high levels of MSG…which allows them to use the lowest legal quality of meat (although some suggest KFC is using a dangerous amount of MSG)..and still convince people what they’re eating tastes good.  But they’ve definitely hit an all time low with their new product and ad campaign.

Boneless Meat?  Great now there’s nothing stopping you from shoveling Deep Fried, low quality machine separated meat in your face as fast as you can….?

But to add insult to injury, they decided this would be a good slogan and ad campaign to promote their disgusting new product.

I ate the bones? Maybe I’m being dramatic, but that absolutely disgusts and mildly freaks me out. I don’t know what they were thinking on this one.