Anyone have experience with Vitamin D Deficiency?

I received blood work recently and discovered I was painfully low in Vitamin D! Although I’m not technically Vegan, I don’t eat any dairy due to sensitivity, and I avoid eggs because they too tend to hurt my stomach a bit.  I read that Vegans are a bit more prone to it than non vegans due to dairy/eggs containing Vitamin D.

However I also read that we get very little from our actual diet, and a large majority of it simply from the Sun.  Now I’m definitely not a recluse, in fact I spend quite a bit of time in the sun, and I probably have more tan skin than most… so I’m curious if anyone has experience with this.

I am currently without insurance so I won’t be able to monitor if my levels improve.  Any anecdotes/advice would be greatly appreciated!

For reference incase these numbers mean anything, I was 22 on the scale. Normal was 50 – 100, optimal 65 – 75.