Using a Mandolin Slicer – A word of Wisdom (or stupidity) – Patience – Slowness – Zen

I’ve been using a Mandolin Slicer for a while now, aka the dance of death with your own flesh.

I’ve walked on the wild side, ditched the hand guard to get that last little slice in….

I’ve had my fair amount of knicks that have reminded me I’m propelling my hand at high speeds towards a blade sharp enough to easily cut a potato into a 1/8 inch slice.

Today I had a more firm reminder that the hand guard is given to you for a reason and if you really can’t stand the fact you don’t get to utilize the whole veggie with it, get yourself some professional cut proof gloves (they’re cheap!)

Personally I usually just stick to using the hand guard and using any leftover pieces of veggies for future veggie broth. But today I had the classic inner monologue of “I shouldn’t cut this anymore, it’s too close to the blade………..nah I got this….{SLICE}”.

My cut wasn’t that bad. I peeled my perfectly sliced flesh from the mandolin while in immediate shock from the cut, then gripped my wrist in hopes to somehow cut off circulation to the searing site of pain. I’ve sliced deep into my skin before with a knife. A mandolin slice is a whole new level of pain. It’s like a paper cut that covers 100x’s more skin; Because it lies so heavily on the surface, the pain is worse than a normal knife cut, you just graze all those nerves.

I poured Rubbing Alcohol on it to disinfect (which may be the worst thing on earth), and while tears of pain welled up in my eyes… I thought of my friend Hollie who cut the tip of her thumb clean off with the Mandolin and needed an ER visit to stitch it up.

I know our parents always said this, and we never listen, but if this reaches anyone; Please learn from us!….. Don’t do as I do, do as I say – learn from my mistakes.

Some veggies are too soft to use the hand guard, I know; In these cases, either get gloves or practice extreme patience, and SLOWNESS. Get Zen, Go Slow, when your gut tells you “Stop”.  Listen.