Foodie Pen Pal Box!!!!

So let me just start by saying I am so so so glad I did this.  At first, I swallowed heavily as I spent nearly 15 bucks to simply ship the package (that was my fault, I chose some heavy items – worth it though!).

But when I got my foodie box in the mail, all the doubt vanished and I was filled with joy!  It’s everyones dream.  Getting something special in the mail.  But this is even better. Its something you can actually use, and be excited about!

My Box Contained the following:


1) Multi-Grain Crackers – this is one of my pen-pals favorite Gluten Free Snack Crackers.  I’ve had these before, but rarely buy them for myself as they are more of a treat- so I was happy about having a good excuse to snack 😉

2) Pakora & Chana Dal spices.  I told my pen pal I love to cook, that I always have garbanzo bean flour around, and I love new spices.  So these were incredibly thoughtful.  Pakora is combined with Garbanzo Bean flour to make a delicious flakey crust – it incorporates everything!! 🙂

3) Maple & Hazelnut Justins Nut Butter – who doesn’t love delicious nut butters.

4) Last but not least, Local Artisan Gluten Free Bread!! I shared with my penpal that I am both Gluten Free and Vegetarian – she got me some DELICIOUS gluten free flatbread from her local bakery.  So exciteddddd.

IN CONCLUSION:  I absolutely loved this experience it was a great way to meet some new people that are just as passionate about food as I was.  And nothing compared to getting the email from my pen pal excited about the stuff I sent her! Nothing like some good ol fashioned giving and receiving.

As a wiseman I know once said… learning to be a good receiver is just as important as loving to give.  Remember that whoever did the giving, gets just as much from your reaction, as you do from the gift itself ❤