Busy Burning Down the World (or at least the one I lived in for a week) – Can you survive Burning Man on a Strict Diet?

Recipes have been slowing down quite a bit lately.  That’s due to a mixture of not being able to come up with brand new recipes daily like I used to (perhaps there is some sort of limit on how creative you can be with food?), and other interests taking priority.

But also, a large part of that is because I was busy doing this

IMG_1824Yes those are fire-tornados.  I’ll miss you Burning Man.

No- this post isn’t just a way to brag about how awesome Burning Man was….but I thought I’d use it as an opportunity to share my eating experience while there.

Have you ever considered going to Burning Man, but worried about your strict diet?

Well don’t.  There is something for everyone there –  My camp had a Vegan (even Vegan Cheese was brought!) every single night.  There were tons of camps serving other meat-free snacks. And of course, you can supply your own.  You tend to eat less when you’re super busy and biking all day in the heat.  So Nuts and other high protein snacks are an easy go-to.  Our kitchen even had specific “vegan only” cookware for those extra concerned about it.

What about being Gluten Free?  

Honestly, this one would probably be more difficult.  But only if you were celiac, due to cross contamination.  The cleaning process for dishes leaves a lot to be desired… so anything touched by gluten would likely still contain it many meals in.  However my camp didn’t cook with any gluten based products… they mainly added gluten in after – such as bread.  Also, the starch of choice was always the ever loved super grain, Quinoa.  Packed with far more nutritional value than any other starch, (plus its so easy to cook in bulk!) it was the logical choice for meal additions.

Personally, I actually gave up my Gluten Free Hiatus (for the first time in 2 years!).  We were camping on the lighter side, as we had to travel far, and beggars can’t be choosers on the playa… and I certainly didn’t want to be the rude one turning down gracious offers for a personal diet choice (not an allergy).

But I’m a raw dieter!!!

Doable! You’ll need multiple large coolers to keep your fresh goods, unless you plan on surviving solely on dried food.  In which case drink even more water, as you will be missing that liquid from your food source.  And bring… A … LOT.  You need to pack those calories on, and it will be a harder road with dried food. Embrace the long ice line.  If you are going to bring fresh foods.  You’ll need daily ice trips. The lines are long. Always.  Luckily you’re in the most awesome place on earth and surrounded by extremely social people who will obviously keep you well entertained. 

Final Tips

Don’t go it alone. If it’s your first time, and you have strict dietary concerns.. try researching a camp that you can join up with.  Bonus points if you can find one that actually FITS your dietary needs perfectly.  If you can’t.  Be prepared to build a personal kitchen.  You don’t want to get stuck out there eating dried fruit all week. It just doesn’t cut it.

So all in all… dietary restrictions should not be a concern for your Trip to the Playa.  Fear not, for you will survive!