Product Review – White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt – Easier on the Lactose Intolerant

I’m not one to product review – but I’m currently in love with White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt.


  • It is fairly cheap! A Quart runs about 4.50
  • It has an Organic version – if thats you’re thing
  • It can be Whole Milk or Non Fat
  • It has the same healthy bacteria as Greek Yogurt
  • It’s great as a sub for Creaminess in recipes – such as Mayo & Sour Cream
  • It’s Austin Local.

But most importantly – It’s lighter on the lactose.  The jar specifically touts itself for being naturally lower in lactose due to the process to create it.

I’m not horribly lactose intolerant – but my gut definitely notices if I have regular milk based products.  Even greek yogurt tends to hurt my stomach.  Goat cheese I can usually stomach (in small quantities).  For whatever reason, I can eat this yogurt, in fairly decent quantities without a bad reaction.

So perhaps, if our lactose sensitive – you can try it too!