About Kat

Hello!  I’m Kat 🙂

Born in San Jose, California, spent time in Visalia & Bakersfield, and my young adulthood in LA. I called Austin, Texas home for about 3 years until I hit the dusty trail once again.

My mother gave me my first glimpse into home cooking when I was a child. I would help with holiday meal prep, help with my lunches, and sometimes be her little sue chef. My mom wasn’t adventurous in the kitchen, but she always made us home cooked meals. I didn’t grow up on freezer food or fast food or tv dinners (although – of course still did have them sometimes… I was a child of the 80s/90s…who didn’t?!).

As I grew up I fell in love with health and nutrition and found my own path to cooking. But I will always thank her for raising me with the values to appreciate fresh, home cooked food.



I was a vegetarian for about 3 years of my life when I met my partner Brandon. He was vegetarian his whole life and cooking two meals became daunting. So eventually I just phased out my cooking of meat all together.

However – after a lot of research and personal soul searching, Brandon and I decided that a more optimal path for us is one that includes meat. Grass-Fed, sustainably sourced meats.  We aren’t perfect – but we do our best. Our lifestyle is very active and we didn’t feel we were getting the adequate amount of nutrients and protein that our bodies were craving, even with supplementing.

Aside from cooking, I’m a freelance graphic designer. If you’d like to check my work out – you can see it at http://www.KatRoseDesign.com

Disclaimer: I treat cooking like I treat my art.  Free, Creative and anything but normal. I rarely measure, I cook visually, I base amounts on what things look or feel like they need. I taste everything constantly.  I throw in random items I have lying around. And honestly, that doesn’t always work out the best, but it’s a learning process! For me, cooking doesn’t need to be an exact or measured science, especially since it depends so much on taste.  So use measurements as a very loose guideline, but if something is too thick, or seems like it would be too spicy… use your own preference and logic! And sorry if any measurement lead you astray! I don’t discourage first time cooks from using my blog, but be forewarned, my posts are made under the assumption you have some cooking chops, and understand your own personal taste palette and can adjust accordingly. And of course, nothing I say on this site is intended to be medical advice.