What Are Hungry Man Ingredients?!

What the heck are Hungry Man Ingredients?!

Just a year ago, my idea of cooking was heating up frozen taquitos on a stove top.  Now I make new recipes on a weekly basis and I’m a fairly clean and whole food cook.  So it’s safe to say, despite how much cooking used to intimidate me….I’ve come a long way!  But now I’m faced with a new challenge…

My boyfriend is the one who inspired me to make the shift to vegetarian. Although I do still eat meat from time to time (mmm sushi…), I’m a strictly vegetarian cook.  It makes me feel amazing, I find the recipes way more flavorful, satisfying and affordable…. and now I would never look back.

Despite how far I’ve come I’m definitely nervous to be cooking for someone else. I’m a fairly small woman, and don’t find myself eating large portions when I’m by myself… but I can’t starve him!! So I need to adjust to cooking for not only 2… but for a man with a very healthy appetite.

So in short….Hungry Man Ingredients are NOT necessarily healthy or recommended by me, but they will make your Hungry Eater at home smile on those lighter dishes. These will still be vegetarian, since he is 🙂

Keep an eye out for them!