Baked Sesame Glazed Cauliflower Bites

First things first, credit where credit is due: Our Four Forks highly inspired this recipe.  As usual though, I gave my own little twist to the recipe based on what I had on hand.… Continue reading

Loaded Egg Drop Soup with Zucchini Noodles

I have a friend who calls this “Chinese food soup” because everytime I bring some into the office she thinks it smells like someone ordered chinese food.  It’s a rich flavorful soup, but… Continue reading

Thai Peanut Sauce over Rice and Veggies – easy, quick, weeknight meal.

I think I could live off of thai flavoring for the rest of my life if I had to…. Thai flavoring is easily my go-to I don’t know what I feel like, but… Continue reading

Tofu and Veggies in a Chinese Orange Sauce

I visited my boyfriends family in San Diego over the Holidays.  One night someone made an Orange Chicken, and I couldn’t help but miss that sweet, tangy flavor.  So I decided to make… Continue reading

Crispy Curried Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts with a Lime Coconut Curry Sauce

This recipe is a re-do of an old recipe… and I’m glad I did.  Reading some of my older recipes really make it clear to me how far I’ve come since the beginning… Continue reading

Vegetarian Tom Kha

I don’t mess around when it comes to Tom Kha, and I also don’t like to rush the broth.  So this is a longer recipe – it’s mostly just sit and wait time… Continue reading

Sopa Azteca

This recipe may look more daunting than it really is.  It’s really just a soup base, with simple instructions on other small parts.  Not everything is necessary – but it all comes together… Continue reading

Spicy Red Bell Pepper Dip (or sauce?)

I made this dip on a whim after being inspired by this recipe.  But realized I really had no use for a dip… and I really needed to figure out what dinner was… Continue reading

Fresh Spring Rolls + Addicting Thai Peanut Sauce + Cats

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I’m loving the new lightbox, and so are my cats!! This new lightbox also means you can finally see my images in the beautiful light they deserve 🙂   Still… Continue reading

Spaghetti Squash with Rainbow Chard Pesto, topped with a drizzle of Honey, Green Onions and Pine Nuts

My boyfriends family bought me some cooking ingredients that I rarely buy myself.  One of which includes a giant bag of what I like to call “The Rich Man’s Nut” … most of… Continue reading