Brown Rice, Goat Cheese, Sprout And Asparagus Roll topped with Candied Walnuts and a sweet balsamic reduction

So this is a total rip from a sushi place my boyfriend and I go.  I should back up with a disclaimer. Warning: This super non-authentic sushi may totally shock, appall and offend you.… Continue reading

Fresh Veggie Blend, with a Tangy Avocado Spread & Loaded Vegan Queso

This is a blend of 3 items, combined into one.  How you want to put them together is totally up to you- I wrapped mine in Cabbage and made it into a wrap… Continue reading

Bean & Jackfruit LOADED Spicy Vegan Queso Mac n Cheese

WooWEE thats a mouthful – but I didn’t want you to miss a single component of this AMAZING dish. Seriously I had to control myself why trying to photograph. Today is a “use… Continue reading

Hearty Vegan Ratatouille – with a faux “meatball” layer

My mother is obsessed with Ratatouille.  She makes it every weekend, and insisted I try it.  Her recipe contains Italian Meatballs, and I wanted to stay as true to her recipe as possible,… Continue reading

Leek Green Chips

I see a lot of people neglect leek greens.  They’re SO yummy – just a little tough when not treated right. One night – I was going to bake some leek greens to… Continue reading

Tangy Coconut Tahini Walnut Dip – The Best Dip you will EVER MAKE!! (Vegan & Gluten Free!)

First off, credit goes where credit is due! Inspiration can be found here.  I’m currently out of tahini, but I knew I had a lot of raw sesame seeds at home – so when… Continue reading

Product Review – White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt – Easier on the Lactose Intolerant

I’m not one to product review – but I’m currently in love with White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt. Why? It is fairly cheap! A Quart runs about 4.50 It has an Organic version –… Continue reading

King Trumpet Mushroom, Mung Bean Sprouts, Leeks & Corn in a Savory Broth

I wish I had a better name for this. My boyfriend deemed this as “one of his favorite things ever” and I can’t even think of a good name! This recipe came to… Continue reading

Jackfruit, Bean & Rice Baked Taquitos (Vegan!)

Jackfruit! I’m all about it right now.  Read my spiel on it by clicking the link above. This is a pretty easy recipe and the healthiest way you can ever imagine to enjoy… Continue reading

Jackfruit – the best Meat Substitute

I’m hesitant to say “Meat Substitute” because typically, I prefer to let ingredients shine as they are, and make a delicious meal using fresh natural ingredients that work together.  However, as a Gluten… Continue reading