Jackfruit – the best Meat Substitute

I’m hesitant to say “Meat Substitute” because typically, I prefer to let ingredients shine as they are, and make a delicious meal using fresh natural ingredients that work together.  However, as a Gluten… Continue reading

Seared Vegan Scallop with Butternut, Sweet Potato & Leek Hash, over a bed of lettuce

Seared Vegan Scallops? Gross some sort of awful soy product? No.  Some weird Vegetable Processed Ball of Mass? No….. King Trumpet Mushrooms! How I love thee. Inspired by this recipe. Try finding these in… Continue reading

Vegan/Gluten Free Mac n Cheese with Broccoli and King Trumpet Mushrooms

So first – mad props go to a blog that I just discovered (and have become quite the recent fan of) patrice d’agostino’s Vegan and Gluten Free Macaroni & Cheese w/ Broccoli and Mushrooms… Continue reading

Tom Kha Gai Inspired Thai Wraps Stuffed with Quinoa & Sweet Potato Noodles – Vegan & Gluten Free

Tom Kha Gai is probably one of my all time favorite soups on EARTH – the blend of lemon, spicy, savory, coconut just make it an irresistible dish. I was racking my brain… Continue reading

Chickpea Casserole with Sweet Potato Crust – Vegan & Gluten Free

This recipe was inspired by this one on a great site for other spiralized recipes. It used a few more steps than I felt like committing too – as well as eggs, which I… Continue reading

Healthy Vegan Pad Thai with Sweet Potato Noodles

This recipes calls for a spiralizer – if you do not own one, but are gluten free or just trying to find ways to reduce your wheat intake, I highly suggest snagging one.  They’re… Continue reading

Homemade Hot Sauce Recipe (Similar to Cholula) REVAMPED

So of all the different recipes on my blog, my homemade hot sauce recipe reigns supreme.  It gets several hits daily from all over the world! From this – I gather that a lot… Continue reading

Vegan Mayo – Soy & Nut Free!

So Mayo is a loose interpretation of what this is – it has a lot of Mayo-ish elements.. and ends up being similar to maybe a Miracle Whip – in flavor, not texture.… Continue reading

Creamy Vegan Garbanzo Bean Salad..?

I have no idea what to call this… It’s creamy and tangy like a slaw or potato salad, but vegan, and made of garbanzo beans.  But that title didn’t sound as catchy…… not… Continue reading

Unemployment Week 2: “Asian Fusion Salad” with a Peanut Chia Dressing

My boyfriend and I loved this salad, it’s full of textures, flavors and colors.  Topped with a sweet, tangy delicious peanut-y dressing, it’s impossible to stop eating until it’s all gone. Kind of… Continue reading